Apple WatchOS Workout App


A streamlined and minimal workout app for the Apple Watch that focuses on weight lifting. My app allows you to create workout plans on your iPhone and have them automatically sync over to your Apple Watch. When going to the gym, leave your phone in the locker and follow your workout plan on your wrist. If you're streaming music from your Apple Watch to your AirPods, swipe right for music controls.
Reasons why I created this app when there are dozens of workout apps on the App Store:
Most workout apps focus on the app being used on the iPhone, not on the Apple Watch. I don't like keeping my phone on me while working out and I already control my music with my Apple Watch during my workouts.
The apps that do focus on the Apple Watch usually have too many features with complicated user interfaces or too little while being highly dependent on the iPhone being nearby. I wanted something simple, minimal, and one that revolves around the watch app, not the phone app.
Most of the free workout apps have ads which I dislike. Most of the paid ones require a monthly subscription which I don't really deem worth it.

App Design & User Experience

Version 1 (What the current state of app looks like)
Version 2
(No plans on when I'll finish V2 since V1 works great for me — with that said, V2 will only be about 1 thing: polishing the front-end to make it look more modern, especially the iPhone app counter-part. Currently, the iPhone interface looks very dated. I didn't put in any effort to make the iPhone app look better in V1 because my focus was the watch app. However, I have made Version 2 UI designs so that I will know what I’m working towards whenever I decide to work on this in my spare time. Also, Apple has recently released a new development framework called SwiftUI — a new declarative coding approach to easily develop Apple apps across different devices — I may wait till this framework matures a bit and then re-write the entire app in SwiftUI)
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