Startup: Perpetually Innovative Homes / Nexus Living


Our company set out to build highly energy-efficient smart homes that utilize advanced technology to deliver more affordable, environmentally-sustainable homes. Our homes abondoned conventional building processes that were reliant on wood-frames and instead used Insulated-Concrete Form to deliver a 50% reduction in energy expenditure. Solar panels were integrated using an approach called Passive Solar Design — a passive way to utilize existing solar panels to save even more energy during the various seasons of the year. The company is growing and expanding to build in various locations across Ontario. I left the company in 2018 to pursue another spin-off startup called Nexus Labs.

We sold over 2.5 million dollars in homes during my time there. Our last project I worked on before I left the company, (the Model One - viewable in the link below), set a new standard in energy-efficiency for residential homes, delivering over 75% energy savings in the home's monthly utility bill.

My Role

I was one of three co-founders. My responsibilities included: (1) Initial set up of operations and logistics, (2) As CTO, my responsibilities revolved around evaluation, design and integration of smart home technology and energy saving technology into our builds. I was heavily involved in the design process for the Model One project, and, (3) I routinely took on marketing responsibilities of the company in-between my other responsibilities, including designing and building our websites and designing our various marketing materials. Marketing the various energy-saving features of the Model One became a significant responsibility that I took on.

My Team

Ryan D (me)
Partner  /  CTO
Rashad A.
Samy B.
Owner  /  Civil Engineer

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There are two company websites (linked below). The company is currently called Perpetually Innovative Homes (PIHomes) but briefly went by the name "Nexus Living" for a short period of time. "Nexus Living" was then turned into a new brand that designated a special series of homes built by PIHomes. The first home in the series was initially called Model One and then renamed to The Pinnacle.
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