CS 9552 Human-Computer Interaction: Final Project


For our Computer Science 9552 Human-Computer Interaction course, I was the project manager for my team's final project. I proposed and took lead on designing an app that could help students identify careers that interest them and help them plan their academic path to best prepare for those careers. View Project at Bottom of Page.

Our application, called CareerAdvisor, was designed to allow students to discover what careers are right for them based on what they are studying, take the necessary actions to be qualified for those career fields well before they graduate and, eventually, apply for those jobs once they graduate.

We created a prototype user interface for the application along with a report describing how the various HCI principles learned in the course were incorporated in the design of the application.

My Team

My team consisted of 4 randomly assigned classmates:
Ryan D. (me)
Project Manager  /  Application Design
VInce (Kun Xie)
Prototype Development
Alexander W.
Technical Writer
Michael (Xin Li)
Technical Writer

My Role

As Project Manager on my team, I was responsible for defining weekly and monthly goals along with ensuring successful progress on each team member’s tasks. I was also tasked with coming up with the idea for CareerAdvisor, its features, and how the application should be designed — mainly how data should be visualized and story-boarding of the user experience.
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